New Member Spotlight: People’s Food Co-op

People’s Food Co-op: More Than Your Average Grocery Store By: Emily Inzero     Imagine walking your cute golden retriever puppy through your small suburban neighborhood, and you come across a place that looks like a house. At second glance you realize it’s more than that. It is a community where people are gathered, a … >More

3 Reasons to Partner with Grow Ahead

3 Reasons to Partner With Grow Ahead By Emily Inzero and Alex Groome     Here’s a little-known fact about food: Small-scale farmers in the Global South produce more than 75% of most foods and more than 80% of essential nutrients, according to a recent report by the Institute on the Environment at University of … >More

2017 Keynote Speaker: Paula Daniels

Five Values, One Program, One Better Planet, and Hundreds of Lives Changed By Emily Inzero   “I love eating chocolate, and all of them have the fair trade seal on it…What I am expecting is an agreement that was made along the line that the producers and workers involved in this product were paid fairly, … >More


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We’re Hiring!

Domestic Fair Trade Association Internship Positions 2017 Communications Intern Summer 2017* The DFTA is looking for a passionate and self-motivated intern to help lead the organization’s communications work. Tasks include: Update and maintain the DFTA’s social media presence, including scheduling Facebook updates and posting on twitter Plan, write, and distribute the electronic newsletter Design flyers, … >More

“4-Not-So-Easy Ways to Dismantle Racism in the Food System”

Original article published in Yes! Magazine:   Yesterday, Yes! Magazine published an inspiring article by Leah Penniman about how to dismantle racism in the food system. Penniman, co-director of Soul Fire Farm, begins her piece by recounting the history of exploitation and legalized theft that serves as the bedrock of our current food and … >More


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A Path Toward Continual Improvement

A Path Toward Continual Improvement: The DFTA Provides Comments for New and Revised Certification Standards By Helena Li     Changing consumer preferences have spurred a new interest in the social justice of food production. Families care about more than just the quality of their food. They are concerned with how the food is produced … >More