ACTION ALERT: Strengthen the EPA’s Worker Protection Standards for Farmworkers

For the first time in 20 years, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is proposing stronger regulations to protect farmworkers from pesticide exposure. Until August 18th, public allies and supporters of justice for farmworkers have an opportunity to contribute to this historic moment and ensure the changes reflect positive and progressive change. How to submit public … >More

Domestic Fair Trade in the News

Check out “Confusion on Aisle Four: Making Sense of Fair Trade Food Labeling” , a great article in the Seattle Globalist by Anna Goren exploring the DFTA evaluation program launched on World Fair Trade Day. “Before you decide to revolt and eat nothing but cheese puffs from now until eternity, take a look at the DFTA’s bottom line … >More

First Domestic Fair for Life Project in North America

Check out the press release below from DFTA member, Institute for Marketecology, about their first domestic fair trade endeavor in North America!   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 8/8/2014 Contact: Kerry Hughes FIRST DOMESTIC FAIR FOR LIFE PROJECT IN NORTH AMERICA Citadelle obtains fair trade certification thanks to the continued commitment and cooperation of its members. Weinfelden, … >More

Nuevo Recurso Para Los Consumidores del DFTA

Confundido sobre las etiquetas de tica en su comida Recurso para los consumidores del DFTA Si usted es como yo, puede sentirse abrumado cuando entra a una tienda de comida. Intenta ser un consumidor responsable, buscando productos con tica cuando le es posible, pero hay que navegar tantas aseveraciones que es dif cil saber donde … >More

New Consumer Resource from DFTA!

The DFTA’s evaluations of social justice and fair trade market claims are live on our website and ready to promote. We’ve received some great feedback from our membership and now we are ready to share this fantastic resource far and wide. Here are a couple of easy ways to help us get the word out … >More

Annual Meeting 2013 Slideshow

Thank you to everyone who attended our 2013 Annual Meeting hosted by Farmworker Association of Florida. We had a blast and hope you did too. Check out our slideshow from this unique gathering of leaders from across the food and farming system. DFTA Annual Meeting 2013   [slideshow_deploy id=’2695′]