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Associate Membership

Domestic Fair Trade Association (DFTA) Associate Membership is open to organizations that are committed to the principles of domestic fair trade but are not otherwise eligible for membership. Associate membership is not intended to be an alternative option for organizations that meet criteria for membership; those organizations should apply for full membership. Possible reasons an organization committed to principles of domestic fair trade may be ineligible for full membership but appropriate for associate membership include:

  • Organization is a house of worship or faith-based organizations for whom agriculture justice or trade policy is a small part of their work and outside their main mission
  • Company is publicly traded or a subsidiary of a publicly traded company
  • Company sells, processes, or trades products or services in a way compatible with DFTA principles, but most or all products are non-agricultural or trading relationship starts post-farm

Associate members will be eligble for most benefits of DFTA membership including access to the full annual meeting at member rates, the ability to propose position statements, committee eligibility (excluding board), and member news and notifications. However, associate members will be non-voting members and cannot vote on policies or positions and cannot vote for or serve on the board of directors. Associate members will be listed on the DFTA website as such and will have access to use of the DFTA logo. (Parent companies of subsidiaries may not display or use in any way the DFTA logo).


Click the link below to download the DFTA Associate Membership Application. Applications can sent to or mailed directed to:

Domestic Fair Trade Association

220 2nd Ave South #61

Seattle, WA 98104

DFTA Associate Membership Application