Fair Facts Program

Providing Information. Improving Standards.

The Fair Facts Program evaluates fair trade and social justice certification programs against domestic fair trade principles to help businesses, organizations, and consumers navigate this evolving landscape.
In recent years, there has been a proliferation of social justice and fair trade market claims leading to consumer confusion. Consumers are bombarded with claims, many of which are not applied consistently, lack relevant meaning, or do not tell the whole story of a product or program. At the same time, many organizations and companies are making tremendous progress in setting standards for fair trade and social justice or implementing fair business practices. Without a more objective consumer education and outreach campaign, there is a danger that these legitimate programs and practices will become indistinguishable from false or misleading claims.
The Domestic Fair Trade Association believes in fairness throughout the supply chain, including fairness to consumers. That’s why the Fair Facts Program is committed to:

  • Providing information about specific fair trade and social justice programs to the public
  • Promoting strong and legitimate programs
  • Facilitating collaboration among programs seeking continual improvement

We believe, together, these efforts will contribute to lasting change in the market place with benefits to farmers, workers, and mission-driven businesses.

Learn More: fairfacts.thedfta.org