RELEASE: The Domestic Fair Trade Association Launches New Website, Including New Logo

For Immediate Release:
November 3, 2016
Erika A. Inwald, (347) 589-3398
RELEASE: The Domestic Fair Trade Association Launches New Website, Including New Logo
Brooklyn, NY – In order to better represent our work, the Domestic Fair Trade Association (DFTA) is launching a new website and officially changing our logo.
The DFTA is a membership organization that includes over 30 farmworkers and their organizations, farmers and farmers groups, retailers, NGOs, and distributors, processors, and manufacturers. Beginning in 2005, the DFTA has brought its members together to promote domestic fair trade through education, promotion, and advocacy. Our primary goals are to support farmworkers and family-scale farming, to reinforce farmer-led initiatives such as farmer cooperatives, and to bring these groups together with mission-based traders, retailers, and concerned consumers to build the movement for fair and sustainable agriculture in North America.
The DFTA’s new website is designed to ease access to our offered resources while also appealing to modern aesthetics. It highlights our mission, grabs users’ attention, and directs them to the most relevant and current information.
In order to better represent the different sectors within the organization and our mission to connect stakeholders throughout the supply chain, the DFTA is also officially unveiling a new logo. This new logo emphasizes the partnerships we help to create and our work to foster cross-sector education and movement building.


The Domestic Fair Trade Association is the primary thought leader on domestic fair trade and a crucial advocate for workers rights, fair prices for farmers, and environmental sustainability in the American and Canadian agricultural system. The mission of the DFTA is to promote, educate, and advocate for an agricultural production system that meets the sixteen domestic fair trade principles identified by diverse stakeholders throughout the agricultural supply chain.