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“4-Not-So-Easy Ways to Dismantle Racism in the Food System”

Original article published in Yes! Magazine:   Yesterday, Yes! Magazine published an inspiring article by Leah Penniman about how to dismantle racism in the food system. Penniman, co-director of Soul Fire Farm, begins her piece by recounting the history of exploitation and legalized theft that serves as the bedrock of our current food and … >More

A Path Toward Continual Improvement

A Path Toward Continual Improvement: The DFTA Provides Comments for New and Revised Certification Standards By Helena Li     Changing consumer preferences have spurred a new interest in the social justice of food production. Families care about more than just the quality of their food. They are concerned with how the food is produced … >More

The Future of Domestic Fair Trade

The Future of Domestic Fair Trade: Supporting Social Justice Markets, Campaigns, and Policies By Erika A. Inwald   This article was originally published in the March/April 2017 issue of the Cooperative Grocer Network Magazine.   Communication across cities, states, and countries is easier than ever. Laptops, conference-call services, and video chatting have made it possible … >More

THE DFTA DISPATCH- December 2016

In our latest newsletter learn more about our biggest highlights of 2016 and about how you can support the DFTA in these last few hours of the year!   Click HERE to read our December 2016 Newsletter.

Our Keynote Speaker: Blain Snipstal

Community Is the Key To It All: Moving Agriculture Forward By Erika Veidis   “All I wanted were five simple things: rice, beans, a horse, a goat, and a house,” Blain Snipstal, visionary Maryland farmer, social activist, and keynote speaker at the National Conference on Domestic Fair Trade, reflects. “And I’m now on a journey … >More

Event: Cultivating Social Sustainability in Our Food System

                            FRIDAY, June 5th 6pm The Profile Suite 200 375 Water Street Vancouver, BC There is so much interest in food, yet no interest in the hands that pick that food As consumers are increasingly asking for food chains transparency, widespread labour … >More