Advocacy Program

Policy Statements

The DFTA facilitates cross-sector collaboration for advocacy campaigns that unite our members in promotion of domestic fair trade principles. In particular, DFTA focuses on campaigns that uplift the voices of the most marginalized in our food system, farmworkers and small and mid-scale producers.
Our policy statements:

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HEAL Food Alliance

The DFTA is a foundational partner of the HEAL (Health, Environment, Agriculture, and Labor) Food Alliance. This alliance is a national coalition bringing together farmers, food workers, agricultural policy experts, community organizers, and activists working on each of these four issue areas. HEAL seeks effective policy change in our national food system, from the corner store to Capitol Hill.
Together we are developing a Real Food Policy Platform and advancing campaign working groups aimed at the following goals:

  • Cross-Community Organizing: HEAL Food Alliance will use translocal, cross-community organizing to learn from community-run campaigns and policies that address health, environment, agriculture, and labor. This group will initially focus on moving Good Food Purchasing Policy campaigns at the local level.
  • Influencing Candidate and Congressional Campaigns: Good governance of our food system depends on holding elected officials accountable to our Real Food Platform and on having Congressional champions of our work.
  • Rewarding Good Actors & Exposing Bad Ones: HEAL will highlight the practices and policies that support businesses that adhere to the Real Food Platform and expose the practices and policies that enable businesses to abuse workers, small farmers, consumer health, and the environment.